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FROM AGENCY BAYU open casting 2 product in the film saga Cibitung 1 21 Cikajang South Jakarta or South Jakarta just behind ps santa des Saturday 17 to Sunday 18 des 2016 11:00 dr s / d 19.00, as follows:

1) DETERGENT famous brand xx antata dayshoot 1 day or 19 jan jan 17, 2017, the main talent tvc + media + digital + sosmed web, print and post non-contract, the following criteria: MAIN TALENT: 1 cew 18-20th (CTK, premium look , KLS a, CKP, stylish casual, 15jt fee); playing talent one cow 18-20th (gtng, handsome, cute, KLS a, stylish casual, 12,5jt fee)

SUP.TALENT: 2 cow and 2 cew 18-20th (so teman2nya playing talent, CKP, CTK, handsome, handsome character ya tp not UGLY, casual, tvc + media + digital web, fee @ 3,5jt)

2) the isotonic drink brand famous dayshoot 19 and 20 January 2017, all the talent tvc media, web, digital, print ad, post, non-contract, the following criteria: 1 MAIN TALENT 20-26th guy (cute handsome nicer INDO, BULE tp gpp plasticity indonya jgn blonde, nice body, athletic body musclenya who lean ya tp not gede2 like a body builder, weve guy who used to love sports, he wore a shirt sporting yes kayak like Gym, fee 10M per day, 12jt for 2 days, if there is billboard added 2jt); 2 boys and 2 girls u / SUPORT.TALENT (same criteria with playing talent age, fee @ 7jt day, @ 9JT for 2 days if there is a billboard add @ 2jt ya, take ya mizone themselves. IF there is a great talent and did not send a budget entry casting and ksh note though we can see creatures such as aja jgn's just say some nice tp fanciful creatures datang2 not, thanks anyway .... "BC casting" says daro BAYU AGENCY


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