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Bismillah Open castg Milk SGM *
Tuesday-Wednesday date of December 20 to 21 SHOOTING date of 15-16 January 2017.

Castg address:.
Studio NoName jl.siaga LAN No. B complex highway 1B. Pejaten vilage of the straight wrote, see Family Mart just follow the road. After Jln one way to meet the fork in the left and then there is the fork in the mosque left again, 500meter meet complex LAN, home in the fork hook first.
Hours 12 -7 night.

Searching for :
# Mother 24-27th. Good looking, smart, and morbidly curly hair.
Casual clothes home.
Fee 8 million 2 hr shootg.
Casual clothes home.

# Child Cew / cow 3th..good looking.
Casual clothes. 4jt shootg 1hr, 2hr shootg jd kalo 7jt. (Tlg Bring toys yaa)

# Babies cew / cow
7/9 bln. 1 day shootg 3,5jt.
If 2hr shootg 6juta.
(Please bring a toy yes)

# Dr. Guy.
Age 35-40th. Look soberly, friendly, smart.
Neat casual clothes / short shirt.
Fee 3jt. (1 hr Shootg)

featured talent.
# 3 org beautiful mother 24-27th age gracefully.
Casual clothes home
Fee @ 2jt (1 hr shootg)

Featured talent.
# 3 org child cew / cow
3th..baju casual.
Fee @ 2jt (1hari shootg)

Featured talent.
# 3 org infants aged 8/9 mths fee @ 2jt (1 hr shootg)

Back up.
# 8/9 month baby, cew / cow fee shootg 2jt 1hr.
If two days jd 3jt.

Kids cew / cow 3th
Fee 2jt 1 hr shootg.
If two days jd 3jt.

-Smua Media:
All Digital.
Paid cash. !!!

Sdh ever milk advertising do not come castg thanks. * From FCM agency dateng Yaa *
[19/12 23:09] Bang Fajrin: * Bismillah open casting Online shop * distudio C2. south street address Kemang 1 No. 10 C pela mampang south jakarta. masuk'a of IMAX kemang.

open: 20-23 des 2016
hours: 12-5 pm
shoting: 28 and 29 december 2016
media: digital media

criteria for talent:

2 25-32thn maternal age. Indonesia / indo / pan asia. beautiful, attractive housing that class A soft clothing. budget 5m per day.

3 teen girls ages 19-23thn. pretty interesting class A. indo / pan Asia / Indonesia. beautiful casual clothing. 4jt daily budget

2 boys ages 25-30thn. indo / Indonesia / pan asia. Cool handsome face class A professional look. office attire. 4jt daily budget.

1 boys ages 25-40. wajah'a so funny for the taxi drivers. and can bring mo


info casting terbaru 3124027076677805103

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